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Porches can be great, but they sometimes aren’t very private. In some cases, that’s fine. Occasionally, however, we know you’d rather relax out of everyone’s view and just get some quality alone time. Screened in porches offer you the privacy you need without sacrificing any of the advantages a traditional porch can give you and your home. This is the perfect compromise, one we know you’ll really enjoy. We build more than custom decks... we can also provide your home with a screened in porch so you can relax and enjoy the world out of sight.


Similar to any outdoor setting porches are best enjoyed in the summer. During the summer, however, the suns rays are out in full force and can be deadly. A screened in porch offers great sun protection so you can sit outdoors all day really soaking it in without any undue harm. This just means you can relax more and enjoy the whole day without any stress. So, sit back and simply enjoy the protection your porch can afford you, with added bonus of being screened in offering additional protection in this case. Summer days just became a lot more enjoyable.


Along with offering sun protection screened in porches also offer protection from the other less pleasant elements mother nature might decide to throw at you. This is all so you can enjoy your outdoor setting no matter what the weather is doing. Weather can be unpredictable, being able to ignore it and still do what you like is a great outcome. There’s no need to be cooped up inside all day this summer when you are insured by a newly installed porch that can cover you no matter mother nature’s plans.


We all like to enjoy our home in peace and quiet. Outdoors can sometimes be anything but... nosy neighbors, passers-by... both these groups and more can really detract from your privacy while you are trying to relax and enjoy the outdoor weather quietly by yourself. Screened in porches can give you that modicum of privacy you desire keeping the outdoor world at a distance while still letting in the light and the elements to give you that outdoor feel. You don’t need to sacrifice your privacy in order to enjoy the outdoors, simply get us to install a screened in porch in your home. You can soak in the outdoors without any intrusion.

Extra storage space

We could all use a little extra storage space at home. We just seem to collect an endless amount of stuff. Given their secure and relatively closed in nature, screened in porches can make a great place to store some extra things you have around the home. They are, after all, basically another room on your home and can be a great way to keep things little tidier. Keep your house just that little bit more organized and clean and get the most of your new outdoor area.

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